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Moon Metal Flake Slotted Spoke Steering Wheel - Green

SKU: GS260CM Weight: 5.0

Moon Metal Flake Slotted Spoke Steering Wheel - Green

SKU: GS260CM Weight: 5.0

Product Details

California Metal Flake Steering Wheels

A lot of time and effort has been invested into making these steering wheels. A level we felt comfortable with offering our customers, especially with the fact that our name is embossed on the center hub of each steering wheel so there's no question as to its origins. Every step of the process was reviewed and critically examined over and over. The main goal was to keep the overall steering wheel to the specs of the old school days and the thickness of the metal material, the structure of the steering wheel itself, the thickness of the metal flake rubber wrap to the overall thickness of the grip, everything was though out. Even the metal flakes itself were examined. Now we feel it is ready for production and will be a MOONEYES EXCLUSIVE, right here, direct from MOONEYES in Santa Fe Springs, California.

More information:

So what's new about these metal flake steering wheels? For starters, a difference you can see! Mooneyes California Metal Flake Steering Wheels are completely, all newly tooled and made from the ground up.

California Metal Flake Steering Wheel Features:
 sizes: 13" diameter wheel

 13" wheel has 3.1-inch cone
 Metal Flake Colors: Green

 Mirror-like chrome shine on both sides of spokes!
 Classic Design: Three Slotted Spokes
 Included Chrome Dome Horn Cap!
 Etched Center Hub with MOONEYES branding!
 Feel-good metal flake, durable and lasting notched vinyl rubber grip.

The new cone size/depth means no more hitting the turn signal or column levers unintentionally, however the adapter will also add depth so it depends on what size you use. Adapters are sold separately. Please note, these steering wheels are not intended for vehicles equipped with driver's side steering wheel air bags. Adapters are available for many makes and models. Please consult with Mooneyes to verify your car. Adapters are required for this steering wheel to be installed.

13 inch steering wheels