Twin Power Ignition Wires Shovelhead/Ironhead HD

Twin Power Ignition Wires Shovelhead/Ironhead HD

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V-Twin motorcycles are the heart and soul of America's motorcycle industry. There's no better way of showing the pride you put into your motorcycle than by using American made parts

  • Twin Power ignition leads are 8.65mm thick with 500-Ohm/ft. of resistance
  • The core of these leads are made with Kevlar® reinforced by fiberglass strands for additional strength
  • Only mag wire is used to ensure conductivity and elimination of RFI (radio frequency interference) and noise suppression
  • The core is then covered by a layer of EPDM with a layer of braided tape for strength and flexibility
  • The outer jacket protecting the mag wire core is a high quality silicone to ensure heat resistance is maximized, extending the longevity of the wire set
  • Silicone distributor and spark plug boots are used to help dissipate the heat
  • Stainless steel terminals are used to reduce potential corrosion
  • Each ignition lead is built with SAE J2031 class E rated cable for heat protection of 4500°F
  • Each wire set includes a packet of dielectric grease to prevent arcing, keep moisture out, and prevent corrosion
  • Each wire set includes two miniature cable ties
  • Made in USA



FL,FLH              65-79

FXST,FLST       89-99

FXD                   91-98

FX,XL                65-85